RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan paid a visit to separated subdivisions and SNCOs acting within the ministry


On November 16, RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan visited SNCOs and separated subdivisions of RA MNP.
The first stop was at the State Museum of Nature of Armenia. During the visit the Minister got acquainted with permanent and temporary exhibitions. The unique museum in the region holds 6000 thousand exhibits, though building conditions enable to display over 1500 thousand exhibits. 
Referring to the issues, Museum Director Gayane Ghazaryan prioritized poor conditions of the galleries and the necessity of recovering the building. Minister Minasyan assigned to present development plan of action for the museum in a short period of time; the latter will enable to acquire self-financing sources providing resources for productive work. Being informed of the activities of ecotourism informational center in the museum, Artsvik Minasyan also attached importance to publicizing the museum and the center activities in order to make them more visible to Armenians as well as to tourists visiting Armenia.
The Minister made a next stop in Yerevan Regional Office of the Nature Inspectorate of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection Staff. Conditioned by inspectorate improvements, the Minister set a great store on inspectors' responsible and constructive jobs which must be directed to rebuilding and strengthening the public confidence towards current functions.  
In addition, Minister of Nature Protection conducted a visit to "Environmental Impact Expertise Center" and "Environmental Impact Monitoring Center" SNCOs. The Minister got acquainted with vocational and technical capacities, working conditions of the organizations.
After getting conversant with laboratory operations on atmosphere and water, Artsvik Minasyan considered expanding an entrepreneurial activity of the organization primary; the activity will furnish technical equipment for the organization as well as high salaries for specialists. 
In the course of the workshop held with the experts of "Environmental Impact Monitoring Center" SNCO, the Minister highlighted the implementation of expertise procedures in accordance with law.
At the end of the visit Artsvik Minasyan issued several instructions to responsible officials of subdivisions.