Cases of violations of norms on illegal cutting of 96 trees were detected in the area of “Dilijan” national park SNCO


“Dilijan” national park SNCO of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection conducted 2016 autumn regular inspections within last week.

The residents of the adjacent communities of the national park were provided with 13,4 m3 firewood damaged by the wind and storm. There was revealed 10 cases of deforestation /illegal cutting of 96 trees/.    

During the period of 27.08.2014-5.12.2016 the RA Minister of Nature Protection assigned to realize inspections in the area of “Dilijan” national park on implementing checklist of N11 Annex established with N519-N decree of the GoA (March 7, 2013).

  Phonological studies related to winter birds as well as Lake Parz as a separate ecosystem are done by the workers of scientific unit of ''Dilijan'' national park.