Minister Artsvik Minasyan had a meeting with ''Veolia Water'' Chief Executive Director Christian Le Fen


On December 19, RA Minister of Nature Protection had a meeting with '' VeoliaWater''Company Chief Executive Director Christian Le Fen. French famous company ''Veolia''has become single operator of water supply in Armenia and the latter will launch working since January 1, 2017.

Welcoming the guest, Minister Artsvik Minasyan expressed confidence that the company will reamarkably perform  water supply, drainage and  wastewater treatment facilities thus providing bestservicesforsubscribers.

''Veolia Water'' Company Chief Executive Director Christian Le Fen expressed his thanks to Artsvik Minasyan for the willingness and cooperation of joint work alongside the company. He briefly presented the changes to be realized; additionally, specialists will be invited from France with the objective to exchange experience and enhance effectiveness of envisaged changes in the implementation process of the activities. Christian Le Fen noted, that the aforementioned works will be implemented in accordance with environmental norms.

During the meeting they returned to difficult issues, particularly Minister Artsvik Minasyan talked about a large volume of water loss in water supply system and stressed the necessity of input of wastewater treatment plants in drainage sector. Christian Le Fen notified that monitoring is carried out and they will apply their experience to establish a best system. Afterwards, “Veolia Water” Company Chief Executive Director awarded Artsvik Minasyan with a golden medal for the cooperation and the willingness directed to united work. Receiving the medal from Christian Le Fen, RA Minister of Nature Protection stated: “This is regarded as an assessment of the work of the RA MNP Staff.