An arboretum will be established in the areas of Byurakan Observatory  


Today, the working group headed by RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan visited V. Hambardzumyan Observatory of the RA National Academy of Sciences in Byurakan.

The workers of the RA MNP Bioresource Management Agency, “Reserve Park” SNCO and other corresponding subdivisions were engaged in the working group. The objective of the visit was the start-up of a new chapter for the cooperation with the scientific center. 
A.    Minasyan toured the area of the Byurakan Observatory, familiarized with the current conditions of the park. In addition, the activities of the large observatory were presented to the Minister.

The Directorate of the Observatory came up with an initiative of establishing an arboretum within his areas in 2010. RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan was briefed about the proposal; the latter instructed the heads of relevant subdivisions to initiate operative-intelligence activities towards it.

As the launch of a joint job, RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan and Director of  V. Hambardzumyan Observatory of the RA National Academy of Sciences in Byurakan Areg Mikaelyan signed a cooperation agreement.

Director of the Observatory Areg Mikaelyan emphasized in his speech that astronomers attach great importance to environmental issues, particularly dark-sky preserve from artificial light pollution. Artsvik Minasyan noticed that 50 hectare area of the Observatory is rich with the flora and fauna and the expansion of their species is crucial for the observatory of a national treasure, for which the establishment of an arboretum was suggested.   

The Minister of Nature Protection stressed the fact that a large scientific institution set a great store on environmental problems, which is a fine example of ecocultural development and address for the organizations doing similar and economic activities. From this point of view, the Minister considered it reasonable that the cooperation will be built up over the process of establishing an arboretum. However, that cooperation will be furthered and offered to develop the use of applied cosmology, while protecting the environment, by inviting the experts of international scientific centers in this sphere to Armenia. 
“The existence of an arboretum in the area of the Observatory will unify ecotourism and science tourism, that will promote the flow of tourists from abroad to Armenia. By the agreement a good start for the process is given through the direct engagement format of the scientific centers in environmental protection”: Artsvik Minasyan noted.

Head of Division of Management of Specially Protected Areas of Nature and Arboretums of Bioresources Management Agency Aram Aghasyan, greeting the undertaking, stated that the ministry has extensive experience of establishing arboretums and will bring his input to creating a unique protected area. Chief Specialist on Arboretum Management of “Reserve Park” SNCO said that they will do their utmost to set up an arboretum appropriate for the Observatory of a national value.  

The Minister assigned the heads of responsible subdivisions to develop a plan of actions within a one-week period.