''Shaki'' waterfall will work regularly for tourists


On January 13, a session was held at the ministry on the issues regulating “Shaki” SHPP chaired by RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan. Officers of relevant subdivisions of RA Ministry of Economic Development and Investments alongside Ministry of Nature Protection with members of Public Services Regulatory Commission, Acting Head of the State Committee on Tourism, representatives of NGOs, Co-owner of “Shaki” SHPP Aghasi Hakobjanyan attended the meeting.

For many years a problem of “Shaki” waterfall and SHPP of “Hakobjanyan and Galstyan” LLC has remained unresolved, thus the session is directed to find a solution, which can be productive for both nature protection and economy.

Submitting performed activities within the framework of supervisory duties, Head of the RA MNP State Environmental Inspectorate Hakob Galstyan presented the outputs of conducted inspections at ''Hakobjanyan and Galstyan HPP'' LLC (on October 31, 2016), as a result of which they detected that a water permit over 1500 l/s was issued to the company to exploit the SHPP /May, 2015/ and while using permitted water volume, environmental flow /200 l/s/ essential for the waterfall is not conserved. Due to the inspections, the company was charged to address the RA Ministry of Nature Protection to reconsider the conditions of the aforementioned water permission. “Shaki” SHPP Co-owner Aghasi Hakobjanyan illustrated the activities of the company, investment programs; the second phase of the projects are in the process. “I am willingly to fulfill the decree adopted today”: stated Aghasi Hakobjanyan.

RA Minister Artsvik Minasyan noted, that the decree must be balanced for both environmental protection and economy, proposing to confer about the regime of water permits focused on directing the whole water stream to the waterfall within afternoon hours and to the SHPP at nights. Furthermore, the Minister said: ''We are in such situation that even if the SHPP protected the environmental flow, however we would not have entire flow, I mean for having the complete landscape of the waterfall as well as using the latter thoroughly''.

Additionally, Co-owner of “Shaki” SHPP approved the proposal; Artsvik Minasyan gave instructions to compose and ratify the management draft of afternoon and night hours of the SHPP in a short period of time.

They touched upon planning of tourism development in the area, licensing opportunities intended for prompting inputs, as well supporting business projects, including releasing of import duties and delay of VAT about which Head of Department of Investment Policy of the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments Staff Vahagn Lalayan informed. RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan assured that they will do their utmost in order to assist in conducting the project.