RA Minister of Nature Protection had a meeting with the German Development Bank /KFW/ delegation


On January 25, RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan received delegation representatives led by KFW Director Eva Witt. Greeting the guests, the Minister thanked for a number of implemented programs and the lasting cooperation. Returning to joint accomplished plans, RA Minister Artsvik Minasyan submitted some of them, touching upon “Creating protected areas in Javakheti Plateau, Armenia” project; the latter will result in establishing a national park within the border territory adjacent to Lake Arpi, Georgia and Turkey.

Forming Transboundary Joint Secretariat is regarded as one of crucial achievements. The Minister presented the constructive cooperation with Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF), thus speaking about further projects. Besides, the speakers referred to the project of centralized management system of water resources in Ararat Valley. Artsvik Minasyan noted, that the aid of the German Development Bank will enable the project fulfilment in monitoring and supervision of the introduction of automatic system procedures. Mrs. Eva Witt expressed gratitude for the opportunity to consider several issues. Expressing her satisfaction with ongoing activities, KFW Director also informed that the above mentioned project of centralized management system of water resources in Ararat Valley has been approved and will be financed within the framework of grant program “A conceptual draft intended for conducting research into the possibilities of transferring water from Kaps reservoir to Ararat valley within the scope of water resource stewardship project joining aquifer systems of surface water and groundwater of Shirak and Ararat” as a third component of the project. They will allocate 1,3 million €.

Additionally, some issues of applying mechanisms directed to environmental damage as well as ecotourism development perspectives were discussed. At the end of the meeting the sides once again attributed importance to the demand and willingness to effectively collaborate. Artsvik Minasyan is strongly convicted that the activities will be done with utmost approaches and ideas.