Well-aimed measures against illegal deforestation within the territory of “Dilijan” national park


At the session (17.01.2017) of “Dilijan” national park SNCO RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan prioritized a prohibition on cases of illegal tree cutting.

The Minister stated, that strict actions will be undertaken in order to prevent illicit tree cutting and for those, who will not implement their responsibilities properly while conducting forest preservation, will be punished.

On the assignment of RA MNP Minister, a working group was formed and sent to RA Tavoush region with the objective to enhance the effectiveness of activities addressed to execute a supervision over illegal cutting of trees and obtaining, carrying out of wood.

Additionally, Artsvik Minasyan applied to RA Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan proposing to assist the State Environmental Inspectorate in combating illegal cutting of trees thus involving RA Traffic Police in ongoing control activities on the highways adjacent to the park.