RA Minister of Nature Protection met with the officers of “GITEC Consult” company


On January 26, RA Minister of Nature Protection had a meeting with the representatives of “GITEC Consult” company headed by Team Leader of Support Program for Protected Areas Stephan Weidner. They especially focused on ongoing activities of ''GITEC Consult'' company in “Zangezur" Biosphere Complex financed by KFW. RA Minister Artsvik Minasyan, welcoming the guests, stated that the ministry put a high value on the projects and they will do their utmost making it a success to the projects aiding protected areas.

Artsvik Minasyan notified of current works, including the compliance process of project issues with the RA Government, stressed the staff changes in “Zangezur" Biosphere Complex, which will have the desired outputs in the near future. Stephan Weidner thanked for the readiness to work together as well as assistance, expressing satisfaction that many plan of actions were accomplished. Mr. Weider highlighted the agreement on individual project proposals between the KFW and RA MNP; the latter will enable to tackle energy security in four communities adjacent to ''Shikahogh” state reserve.

The Minister pointed at the activities done in the communities, attached importance to the necessity of providing sustainable source of income for residents. The Minister suggested undertaking a seminar with the participation of officials of ''Hayantar'' SNCO, RA Ministries of Nature Protection and Territorial Administration and Development as well as ''Support to Protected Areas'' project. An agreement was reached to organize a monthly meeting on project implementation thus enabling to present reports, giving best solutions to problems.

Artsvik Minasyan assured that the meetings will be held frequently (if necessary) aimed at addressing the problems productively, completely.