Artsvik Minasyan, Minister of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia, submitted the Government the report on plan of actions as well as performance of priorities for 2016


The Government carries on with considering 2016 departmental performance reports, including their compliance with the action plan of the RA GoA /2016/, priorities and assessed implementation. RA Minister of Nature Protection delivered a report referring to accomplished activities and achievements within 2016.

Artsvik Minasyan reported that an inventory of fish resources was conducted at Lake Sevan as well as a 38.9 percent increase of whitefish resources was recorded. Meanwhile, the Ministry revealed the barriers to natural trout reproduction.

In addition, Ecotourism Information Center was set up, which is envisaged to summarize industry opportunities and provide the necessary statistics to tour operators. An automatic water management system was introduced in Ararat Valley, “Green Economy” National Centre, thus “Jermuk” National Park were established last year.

Cleaning activities of the areas alongside the banks of Lake Sevan were in progress. As a result, 93hectare area has already been cleaned of garbage and wastes. Reforestation was realized within 70hectare area. The Minister added that they are taking measures with the objective of handing over relevant parts of recreation and economic zones of the national parks to trust managers.

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan assigned to undertake watchful steps addressed to capitalizing and raising efficiency in nature protection sector.