A plan of actions of productive water stewardship in Ararat Valley was considered


On February 1, the next session of interdepartmental working group set up in accordance with the decree of RA Prime Minister focused on normalizing the efficient management of water resources as well as utilization of underground water resources took place at the ministry, chaired by RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan. They dealt with the program of events of the constructive use of Ararat valley water resources.

The draft envisages to convene over three dozens of events, which will result in making a success to the system of water resource management. The departments submitted relevant proposals within the defined period of time, after the first session of interdepartmental working group; their suggestions were involved in the project. Coming to the necessity to improve the legal framework, make amendments in corresponding laws and adopt sub legal acts.

The project is intended for approving Akhuryan and Hrazdan basin management plans, which will enable to estimate water resources of the area, strategic and national water resources, conduct research into water supply and demand. Additionally, institutional reforms are projected to be done thus building on the state water cadastre, developing digital hydrogeological map, a three-dimensional groundwater model and introducing electronic systems in order to calculate environmental and environmental usage payment reports.

Reasonable works will be accomplished in fishery, irrigation and drinking water spheres, including inspections at sustainable water users; abandoned wells will be liquidated, water permits according to water amount norms will be reassessed at fish breeding entrepreneurship and so on. Several proposals and amendments delivered in the course of the meeting will already be introduced at the session of the interdepartmental working group next week.