The next workshop related to launching information technologies and up-to-date solutions in nature protection scope took place


On February 7 the next workshop on the introduction of information technologies and up-to-date solutions in environmental sector was convened under the chairmanship of RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan. Officers of the RA MNP relevant subdivisions, IT /information technologies/ companies, the United Nations Development Program / UNDP /, media experts partook in the meeting. Technology & Science Dynamics Inc. (TSD) submitted projects addressed to tackle many environmental issues.

Additionally, they particularly returned to bioplastic production; the latter can be used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other fields instead of polyethylene bags. Bioplastic bags are made of natural and renewable substances; potato crust is proposed as a raw material, production practically without waste and sound for nature. The programs of forest rehabilitation by drones as well as cleaning contaminated soil through plants /phytoremediation/ were presented. TSD Founding Director Vahan Shakaryan emphasised, that the offered projects are ideas thus estimating process of them must be conducted.

''Introduced ideas are already advanced approaches, that can make serious progress in environmental sector'': RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan stated in his turn. An arrangement was reached upon signing the Memorandum of Understanding, which will enable the contribution to the continual activities of the company directed to bring an idea to a scientifically level and for trade. ''AIRES'' experts reflected upon the relationship between the civil society and the ministry, further monitoring, video presentation on information, so that building on its capacities. The attendees, attributing importance to suggested projects, agreed to have similar meetings. At the Minister’s suggestion, it is also envisaged to form the Information Technology Industry Council alongside the RA Minister of Nature Protection, where the issues on input of information technologies and innovative solutions will be considered in details. The Council will focus on submitting business proposals to the Donor Council for the support and idea implementation.