The seminar on the program of events of the efficient management of water resources in Ararat Valley took place


On February 8, the session of interdepartmental working group set up in accordance with the decree of RA Prime Minister with the objective to normalize the reasonable water stewardship and underground water resource use was held under the chairmanship of RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan. Different departmental officers submitted their proposals and opinions regarding a plan of actions of the constructive use of Ararat valley water resources after the previous session (01.02.2017).

Besides, a discussion was led about workable courses for the conducted research and curbing the rate of Ararat Valley groundwater abstraction by USAID “Advanced Science and Partnerships for Integrated Resource Development Project” /ASPIRED/. The State Committee for Water Management of the Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of RA presented suggestions on the defined amount of renewable underground water resources of Ararat Valley, resource payments, water norms in fishery sector, water consumption and the Ministry of Agriculture illustrated the analysis accomplished by the ministry on the bases of the relevant data. Afterwards, the RA Minister of Nature Protection gave corresponding directives in order to finalize the project.