The efficient contribution of German Society for International Cooperation /GIZ/ to the RA Ministry of Nature Protection


German Society for International Cooperation /GIZ/, focusing on the mission in conserving biodiversity in the South Caucasus, has launched ''Integrated Biodiversity Managment, South Caucasus'' (IBis) project, which is the consequence of the previous project realized by the company.

GIZ provided Bioresources Mangment Agency of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection with 5 computers aimed at promoting technical upgrade and envisages to organize trainings on geographic information system (GIS) for the employees.

The obtained skills and knowledge in the course of the trainings will be applied in implementing charter functions: biodiversity, including rare, endangered species and populations as well as the maintenance of plants and animals registered in Red Book of the Republic of Armenia. Moreover, they will be addressed to implementing the responsibilities on preservation of biodiversity and landscapes undertaken by the Republic of Armenia under a number of environmental conventions, for which the RA Ministry of Nature Protection is a national competent body: the Conventions on Biological Diversity (CBD), Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat, Migratory Species of Wild Animals /Bonn Convention/ and the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats /Bern Convention/.

While having a discussion with GIZ Integrated Biodiversity Management, South Caucasus (IBiS) in Armenia Team Leader Carsten Schulz, RA Deputy Minister Kh. Hakobyan stated, that the RA Ministry of Nature Protection, attributing importance to the GIZ mission, also highly appreciates their efforts directed to the sector advancement, technical upgrade aid to the agency. Computers enable the workers of the agency to organize the work process productively.