“Barekendan Ceremony” in State Museum of Nature of Armenia


An event dedicated to “Barekendan Ceremony” was held in State Museum of Nature of Armenia of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection. The latter differed from other events, as it focused on one of the most Armenian public holidays.

State Museum of Nature of Armenia not only promotes nature protection conservation and eco-education but also contributes to the preservation of Armenian traditions.

The event was attended by V. Saroyan N138 schoolchildren, Vanuhi Simonyan, Historian, Psychologist of “KEAN” Armenian Folk Centre, National Expert, Psychologist Srbuhi Movsisyan presented the traditional day of Barekendan as well as the ceremonial process.

Armenian folk song, dance (“Gyovand” and “Tamzara”) and entertainment (“Gaceq teseq” and “Sutlik harsaniq”) were performed in the course of “Bun Barekendan”.

Additionally, the pupils and museum employees made a lent doll: Aklatiz. At the end of the ceremony taking away of “Utis” and coming of “Aklatiz” were accomplished.

The Museum organized a ceremonial refreshment dedicated to “Barekendan celebration”. Afterwards, Museum Director Gayane Ghazaryan presented Vanuhi Simonyan and Srbuhi Movsisyan with certificates.