Pivotal enviornmental issues were considered during the non formal meeting


RA MNP officers as well as representatives of scientific and non-governmental organizations gathered for a round table in order to discuss enviornmental problems in the non-formal atmoshphere. Artsvik Minayan had a consultation with the specialists responded to the invitations on enviornmental strategy, tasks, sector priorities.

After being appointed to the RA Minister of Nature Protection, Artsvik Minasyan held meetings with representatives of civil society having multi-annual activity practise, scientists and specialists.

"Being in office, I have not stopped thinking like an economist, though I have reconsidered my approaches and I assure, that I may not imagine sustainable development for our country without improving, conserving the environment. Now, I perceive the concerns of NGOs about economic development; the latter occasionally does not take account of social and environmental components. Yes, we must rethink over our attitude and I openly state, that debates are ongoing on the aforementioned theme in the government”: Artsvik Minsayan noted.

RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan regards the usable model unbalanced and nowadays, they are developing new strategy, which envisages prominent changes in nature protection.

Artsvik Minasyan emphasized: ''I am deeply convicted, thus accomplishing new policy will make success to deal with this problem. The policy will enable the transit to more sustainable development. Nature protection enhancing should be achieved on the bases of sustainable development taking into consideration the responsibility towards the generations''.

The officials of NGOs arranged to have another meeting in this format. There was decided to organize the discussion for a number of projects after elections to the RA National Assembly.