RA First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection had a meeting with EU “Water Initiative+'' Program Managers


RA First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Simon Papyan recieved Project Manager of European Water Partnership of EU “Water Initiative+” Michael Sutter and Technical Advisior Timothy Turner. The EU-funded four-year Water project envisages technical equipment upgrade aimed at improving water resource monitoring, contribution to the implementation process of water balance adjustment of the main river basins as well as water basin managment plans.

The work project will be launched on May 16, Brussels, which will be the first regional meeting. The Head of Water Resource Management Agency of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection, Project National Focal Point Vahan Davtyan will attend the meeting thus illustrating Armenia.

Greeting the guest, RA First Deputy Minister stated, that pivotal consultation support was provided to the RA Ministry of Nature Protection in the pre-launch phase of the project. Simon Papyan emphasized the fact, that the project responds very promptly to the amendments, proposed new requirements and on the bases of the aforementioned surveys the model plan concept.

Michael Sutter thanked the RA MNP officers for the effective collaboration and presented the preparation of the inception report according to the defined schedule. The project manager referred to the environmental component of the EU- Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement and expressed willingness to assist in implementing the thesis.

Notifying, that environmental thesis of the new EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement, on the whole, is similar to the previous one, S. Papyan added, that Armenia has guided by the EU Water Framework Directive. RA First Deputy Minister noted, that the objectives of EU Water Initiative+ project are directly relating to some of environmental thesis of the Agreement anticipating the productive cooperation and support focused on accomplishing the provisions.

Michael Sutter mentioned, that they have taken into account all propositions of the Armenian side on basin management plan and monitoring components; moreover, they will have a continual consideration.