RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan presented several decrees related to environmental sector to the Government


Artsvik Minasyan, Minister of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia, submitted the decrees related to nature protection at the session (09.03.2017) of the Government of the Republic of Armenia. The management plan of (2017-2022) Akhuryan basin management area as well as primary activities directed to the constructive supervision were passed by the Government thus approving the program of events of 2017-2022 of Akhuryan basin territorial management plan.          

The draft envisages balancing the correlations between water users, including agriculture, fisheries, industry, energy and the environment, as well as assisting the executives for water resource management, administrative bodies and the public while making decisions in water resource sector, utilizing effectively water resources.      

Before proceeding to the session, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan gave several directives to the RA Minister of Nature Protection. The Prime Minister assigned the RA Minister of Nature Protection to establish precisestandards for the exploitation, construction and environmental impact assessment of SHPPs within a two-month period meant for finding systematic solutions to the problems thus streamlining small hydropower sector. There was also instructed to review the RA Government N967-N decree (June30, 2011)on environmental flow, taking into consideration the seasonal river flow specificities and the types of liability for breach.

The list of those rivers will be clarified, where the construction of hydroelectric power stations are prohobited  conditioned by enviornmental, agricultural and other peculiarities; besides norms on fish pass construction and the height of gradeswill be developed, be guided by the international practise,the possibilitiesfor purposeful use of environmental usage payments for water used by hydroelectric power plants will be examined.

With reference to the water basin management plans, the Prime Minister instructed the RA Minister ofNature Protection to develop during a period of three months an accurate methodology for water balance use which should take note of the interests of all stakeholders and comply with the governmental strategic programs, current initiatives and forecasts. Additionally, it was assigned to review by December 31, 2017, those management plans developed and under development in accordance with GoA Protocol Decree N4 of February 3, 2011.