Support Program for Protected Areas in the Caucasus/Armenia was conferred


RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan met the Deputy Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Armenia Nadia Lichtenberger, Team Leader ofSupport Program for Protected Areas in the Caucasus/Armenia Andreas Veytsel, KfW Bank Representative Zara Chatinyan. Acting Head of the Staff of the RA MNP, National Focal Point to SupportProgram for Protected Areas in the Caucasus/Armenia Hovhannes Hovhannisyan as well as Head of the Department of International Cooperation Arthur Danielyan partook in the meeting.

The parties considered “Support to the Protected Areas in the Caucasus/Armenia” project. The project is aimed at conducting the effective management of natural resources and protected areas, improving social-economic conditions of nearby rural communities thus contributing to the biodiversity preservation in the Southern Caucasus. Welcoming the guest, Minister A. Minasyan expressed gratitudeto the German Development Bank /KfW/ for supporting and financing ongoing projects in the environmental sector of the Republic of Armenia. “We have achieved certain outputs throughout these years and now we should review the approaches enhancing the cooperation up to the marked”: stated the Minister.  

During the meeting they reflected upon the process of project implementation, attributed importance to introducing management mechanisms into specially protected areas of nature. With reference to this, Artsvik Minasyan regarded the absence of integrated management system as a problem restraining productive management. Furthermore, the Minister outlined the opportunity of creating sustainable, profitable job directed to revealing the social-economic conditions of thecommunitypopulation in the vicinity ofspecially protected areas of nature. The Minister emphasizedthe importance of establishing Donor Council attached to the RA Minister of Nature Protection to the attendees; the latter will promote while makingcollectivedecisions towards allocations, making them more addressed and targeted.                

  The Deputy Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Armenia Nadia Lichtenberger thanked the Minister for the meeting and stated, that nature protection is the path, which mustbepassedtogether thus changing everything for the better. The Deputy Ambassador put a high value on the formation of the Donor Council, which will be actually beneficial for systematizing financial resources.Andreas Veytsel, in his turn, noted with satisfaction, that all projects envisage improving the aid and they look forward to definite propositions of the ministry in order to broaden the collaboration.    

  At the end of the meeting the sides once again re-established the responsibility directed to joint, effective work and the will to deepen the cooperation