The proposed “HAB” project provides up-to-date management system for specially protected areas of nature


On March 10 RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan had a meeting with Technology & Science Dynamics Inc. (TSD) Founding Director Vahan Shakaryan. CNF National Coordinator Arman Vermishyan, Advisor to the Minister Areg Gharabegyan, representatives of relevant subdivisions of the RA MNP were engaged in the meeting.

V. Shakaryan presented the innovative “HAB” project of Information Technology /IT/ sector, which focused on providing the management system for specially protected areas. Applying efficiently the suggested concept, envisages to streamline a great deal of environmental issues. TSD Director noted: “This project results in common management system, control, survey with the objective to automating the supervision, remarkably, over specially protected areas of nature and reserves”. In addition, the “HAB” system enables to define forest workload, thus struggling against illegal tree cutting and poaching.

At the meeting they returned to the project fulfilment, setting a great store on conducting constructive management in nature protection through applying innovative technologies in specially protected areas of nature.

Afterwards, there was offered to hold another discussion with the employees of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and “Information Analytical Centre” SNCO alongside TSD specialists in order to accomplish resource planning for project implementation.