Spring monitoring activities have started in specially protected areas of nature of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection


As a result of surface freezing of Lake Sevan, strict control regime defined by “Sevan NP” SNCO is in progress. “Sevan” national park SNCO alongside the RA Police divisions undertake measures, especially, daily inspections and visits thus preventing poaching, evaluating the state of birds. 

 Twenty-four-hour duties and regular inspections are executed by''Zangezur'' Biosphere Complex SNCO. Observations of wild migratory and sedentary bird species were conducted within the last week during which the common chaffinch, ring ouzel, black thrush, Eurasian Jay, great bearded tit, spotted and general woodpeckers, common bullfinch, hawfinch,mistle thrush,Eurasian nuthatch, common starling, rock bunting and goldfinch were found. In addition, 4 European roe deer, 9 jackals, 4 foxes, 2 European badgers and 3 weasels were met.   

Wrapping shrub species of “Khustup” state reserve of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex SNCO were registered.

The workers of the preservation unit of “Dilijan” national park SNCO detected and composed a report on deforestation;the above mentioned report on violations of norms of forests were sent to Tavoush regional office of the Nature Inspectorate of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection Staff. Demand for firewood decreased in spring due to which the residents were provided with 2m3 firewood during four days.  

 Meanwhile, “Khosrov Forest” state reserve in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund /WWF/ accomplishesseasonal migration and registration of the fauna via video and camera traps, which are mostly held in ''Khosrov'' and ''Khachadzor'' districts.          

 Preparatory works of sample plots are done in order to carry out investigations at “Goravan sands” state sanctuary. Moreover, twenty-two-hour duties and inspections are realized and there has not yet been revealed any breach of the law.

The employees of the botanical division of the reserve digitize herbarium specimens. 

Twenty-four-hour duties and inspections are ongoing in “Khosrov Forest” state reserve; any violation on norms was not detected within the week.