The opening of “Armenian fruit: flower to fruit” “succulent” exhibition took place


“Armenian fruit: flower to fruit” exhibition of Advisor to RA Minister of Nature Protection, Agroecologist-Photographer Galust Nanyan’s photographs on International Day of Forests took place at the hall of the United Nations office in Armenia.

According to the author, this is the second time, that the exhibition has been held, moreover this exhibition will be open to the public for a longer period of time. “I took photgraphs in the RA regions, including in the capital, Yerevan. For instance, I took photographs of apricot flower in March thus expecting until the latter became productive and mature.

I paid a visit to ''Shikahogh'' state reserve, especially, with the objective of photographing medlar fruit; the fruit of the rosehip was photographed in “Arevik'' national park. 30% of photos were taken in our garden (Echmiadzin district)'': said G. Nanyan and added: ‘‘Overall, flowers turning into fruits is considered primary. This is specific to a person; it is crucial what kind of an individual the child will be in the future. I want to convey this concept”.

Armine Halajyan, Head of the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNO/DPI) Office in Yerevan emphasized the significance of forestry care for nature and people. ''In particular, fruit trees presented at the exhibition are pivotal".

The exhibition will be open until April 10.

After the opening of the exhibition, G. Nanyan delivered a lesson about environmental protection for schoolchildren of Argavand in the RA Ararat Region. The topic was not only concerning Armenian forests but also specially protected areas of nature.

Afterwards, G. Nanyan presented ''Forest products'' and ''Green Armenia'' illustrated books on Armenian rich biodiversity to the school.