The theme of Armenia is “Clean Armenia” within the frameworks of “Earth Hour 2017” annual environmental event


On March 24, a press conference dedicated to the participation of Armenia in “Earth Hour 2017” annual environmental event took place.

World Wildlife Fund /WWF/ Armenia Director Karen Manvelyan notified, that the objective of “Earth Hour”, an internationally recognized “lights-off event, is to accomplish awareness-raising about environmental issues among the society, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. On March 25 at 20:30-21:30 there was urged to turn off lights for one hour raising environmental concerns. K. Manvelyan informed, that each state is free to choose a theme for this event. The main theme of Armenia is “Clean Armenia”. It is aimed at conducting a nationwide campaign directed to waste cleanup thus involving wider layers of the public as well as numerous interested, local and international organizations.

The RA MNP Deputy Head of Bioresource Management Agency, calling for attendees joining “Earth Hour” event, emphasized that by the directive of RA Prime Minister, Ministry of Nature Protection in collaboration with Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of the Republic of Armenia should develop and present an action plan as well as schedule of “Clean Armenia” initiative to the Government Staff of the Republic of Armenia until April 17, 2017. Additionally, it is envisaged to hold a public review on an action plan and schedule involving corresponding NGOs.

Head of Department of Territorial Investment Policy of RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development Artashes Bashkhyan said, that the conference launches “Clean Armenia” project: registration of landfill sites is carried out and cleaning activities are intended. The speaker highlighted that the program is an interim measure. With the reference to the problem, pivotal and well-ordered measures will be undertaken within the framework of Strategic Development Plan for the Solid Waste Management Sector in Armenia /2017-2036/ approved by the RA GoA in 2016.

A. Vardevanyan stated that the event will not only implement waste collection ; moreover, the latter be regular and continual comprising legal arrangements and eco-educational events focusing attention on the current environmental problems. It was also announced, that WWF Armenia opened a relevant account /A/N 002 100477 022 /AMD/) at HSBC bank in Armenia CJSC, whereas the entire proceeds will be issued to “Clean Armenia” event.