Measures will be undertaken towards reducing dioxin and furan emissions from open burning sources


On March 31, a seminar focused on analysing and strengthening the legal and regulatory framework of hazardous wastes and chemicals streamlined under Stockholm Convention within the scopes of “Best Available Techniques and Best Environmental Practices for the elimination of unintentionally produced POPs releases” project took place in Congress Hotel, Yerevan.

In execution of the thesis of Stockholm Convention on ''Persistent Organic Pollutants'' abided by Armenia (2003), it requires parties to the convention to promote best available techniques and best environmental practices with the objective to stop open burning.

The representatives of interested departments, National Academy of Sciences of RA as well as NGOs attended the seminar.

The project is implemented by the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), financed by Global Environment Fund /GEF/, directed to reducing dioxin and furan emissions from the open burning sources.

International Expert Simon Paun presented international practice and relevant legal framework addressed to waste disposal, landfill management regulation thus preventing and curbing dioxin and furan emissions, including open burning.

Sector specialists submitted their position over the problem, an absorbing discussion was led.