Clarification on clean-up activities in the vicinity of Lake Gosh


Facebook circulated the news about illegal clean-up works executed in the area of Lake Gosh.

The RA Ministry of Nature Protection informs that according to the agreement (23.06.2015), Gosh district, recreation zone of ''Dilijan'' national park, was issued to “Vendor'' LLC in order to organize a recreation zone as well as deliver services, having the right to conduct construction activities of the state- owned land.

By the agreement, an individual permitted to accomplish construction activities must improve the area, implement waste removal and collect dry branches thus not violating the lake ecosystem and endemic status. Due to the inspections fulfilled by the employees of ‘'Dilijan'' national park SNCO and the State Environmental Inspectorate, it turned out that ''Vendor'' LLC collected the dry wood and garbage; presently, the activities are stopped. Inspections are in progress.

Envisaged actions in the areas nearby Lake Gosh will be implemented in accordance with the agreement signed with ''Vendor'' LLC after passing environmental expertise.

RA Ministry of Nature Protection
Information and Public Relation Department