The national park provided the residents of the adjacent communities with the firewood: wood damaged by the wind, storm


Twenty-four-hour inspections are in progress thus resulting in preventing and detecting the cases on illegal tree cutting and poaching in “Dilijan” national park. The employees of the park detected and composed 4 reports on deforestation of 11 trees; the above mentioned reports on violations of norms of forests were sent to Tavoush regional office of the State Environmental Inspectorate of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection Staff.

The community population nearby the national park were furnished with 6 m3 firewood: wood damage by the wind, storm.

A visit was paid to the Armenian cross-stones area, starting zone of Lake Parz-Goshavank route, in order to get familiar with the current conditions of eco touristic routes.

The workers of “Dilijan” national park conducted visits to the guesthouses in the town of Dilijan with the objective of advertising ecotourism as well as explaining that ecotourism fans may visit “Dilijan” national park and take advantage of services delivered by the park. The NP has 19 routes and a bike route, including historical and cultural as well as natural monuments. The visitors are free to set up tents, view the fauna from the observatory.

Twenty-four-hour duties and regular visits are ongoing in specially protected areas of nature of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex SNCO.

While executing inspections in “Shikahogh” state reserve of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex SNCO, the conservation unit detected 4 European roe deer, an European badger, fox, 6 jackals. Additionally, bird species were met: black thrush, mistle thrush, spotted woodpecker, the European green woodpecker, the European robin, greenish warbler, the Asian desert warbler, rural swallow, urban swallow, common redstart, stock dove, wood pigeon, common starling, great tit, long-tailed tit, the Eurasian blue tit, black crow, the Eurasian jay, long-legged buzzard and forest owl. Spring return of rural and urban swallows, greenish warblers, the Asian desert warblers was surveyed.

Seed sowing works were carried out in “Plane Grove” state sanctuary district.

The workers of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve organized twenty-four-hour duties and visits in order to implement the tasks of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve, “Khor Virap”, “Goravan sands” state sanctuaries properly.

The scientific unit of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve perseveres studying and registering bioecological features of vertebrates as well as birds of prey.

“Khosrov Forest” state reserve with World Wildlife Fund /WWF/ undertake actions focused on seasonal migration of the fauna via video and camera traps aimed at revealing animal population and migration.