The RA Minister of Nature Protection had a participation in “AUA Ecotourism Conference, 2017”


RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan partook in “AUA Ecotourism Conference, 2017” event focused on enhancing ecotourism development in Armenia.

RA Minister of Nature Protection set great store on the buildout of ecotourism thus regarding it as the appliance for addressing environmental issues and in general, economic growth.

Armen Der Kiureghian, the President of the American University of Armenia said a welcome speech.

The concept of establishing stakeholders network towards sustainable ecotourism was conferred. Tourism-related organizations presented their experience.

RA Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Khachik Hakobyan reported on the foremost principals of the state policy meant for development courses of ecotourism.

During the diffused discussions several approaches and proposals were delivered, the significance of specially protected areas of nature in making progress to ecotourism development policy was reflected upon. Furthermore, issues regarding the potential of ecotourism marketing and sector financing were considered.

A group of environmental activists were present at the conference; they expressed their concerns over cleanup activities conducted in Lake Gosh without permission last week. At the suggestion of Minister Artsvik Minasyan, a raised issue was discussed at the separate hall. The Minister notified the attendees, that in accordance with the agreement (23.06.2015) signed with ''Dilijan'' national park, the state-owned area adjacent to the lake was issued to “Vendor'' LLC in order to organize a recreation zone as well as deliver services, having the right to conduct construction activities.

“There was required by the agreement, that before realizing any idea, environmental expertise must be executed. A number of essentials were outlined to ensure nature protection ecosystems. Any work will not be carried out, yet a plan of actions, environmental expertise, public reviews have not been supervised”: stated A. Minasyan and added: “Dilijan” NP SNCO called a halt to the works, whereas your civil active position also resulted in this. The consequence of any work will demand developing a plan, holding detailed expertise, public wide discussions and positive expertise conclusion”.