The status related to executing environmental monitoring and accountability will be streamlined by extractive companies


Prior to returning to the agenda of the GoA session (April 20, 2017), Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan issued several instructions to the ministries. The Prime Minister assigned RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan to develop and submit the legal acts package directing the procedures referring to conducting environmental monitoring and accountability by mining companies to the RA Government Staff within a three-month period, thus taking into consideration the international experience. “Regular assessment and monitoring of environmental impacts in bowels exploitation sector are significant with reference to possible risk reduction and management; though there is envisaged current monitoring according to the RA Mining Code, however performance criteria and reporting policy are not supervised. Presently, the lack of monitoring data prevents evaluating real effects and risks over various components of environment as a result of subsoil use as well as properly undertaking precautionary measures”: emphasized Karen Karapetyan.