The RA Ministry of Nature Protection will cooperate with “Renewable Energy Producers Association of RA” Union of Legal Entities


A memorandum of partnership was signed between the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and "Renewable Energy Producers Association of RA" ULP.

RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan and Executive Director of “Renewable Energy Producers Association” ULP Ruzan Harutyunyan signed a memorandum.

Attributing importance to the document signing, Minister Artsvik Minasyan emphasized, that the RA MNP and REPA RA will imply efforts to make progress to renewable energy industry. The parties will work together while propagating and implementing the projects. According to the Minister, the cooperation objective is to precisely ensure environmental norms in renewable energy production sector by prioritizing the fundamental principles of green economy.

Executive Director of “Renewable Energy Producers Association” ULP Ruzan Harutyunyan stated, that taking into account the fact, that the private organizations produce renewable energy in Armenia on the whole, the Association is aimed at establishing a sustainable and constructive dialogue between the RA Government and private sector.

Within the framework of the memorandum the parties will pool resources over involving means with the purpose of upgrading the sector, reasonable utilization of water resources and supervision: including the introduction of self-monitoring system in the SHPP, developing legal and normative documents focused on advancing renewable energy field and streamlining environmental problems, implementing mutually researches and projects directed to biodiversity conservation in rivers, collective project fulfilment related to environmental flows normalized by the SHPPs and fish passways, legal and regulatory framework development, acting in accordance with international standards.