Crayfishing was temporarily banned within the RA water territories


On May 15, RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan signed an order.

It says:

“According to the 8th point of the 8th Article of the RA Law on “Hunting and hunting resources”, “e” subpoint of the 6th Article of the RA Law on “Fauna” and on the bases of “d” subpoint of the 12th point of N1 Annex established with “a” subpoint of the 2nd point of N 1237 order of the GoA (August 8, 2002) as well as N2459-72 note of Institute of Hydro Ecology and Ichthyology of Scientific Centre of Zoology and Hydro Ecology of the RA National Academy of Sciences (May 5, 2017) and N 25-119-N note /04.05.2017/ of “Sevan National Park” SNCO


  1. Prohibition of crayfishing within the period of spawning of crayfish in the water territories of the RA within May 15-July 31, 2017.
  2. The head of “Sevan National Park” SNCO to perform supervision over the areas alongside the banks in order to ensure the following order implementation.
  3. The head of State Environmental Inspectorate of the RA Ministry of Nature to submit a supervisory plan of actions within 2 days essayed to ensure the following order implementation, according to the defined order, after the order enters into force.