Artsvik Monasyan had a meeting with the officers of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations /FAO/


On May 16 RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan had a meeting with Avetik Nersisyan, Plant Production and Protection Officer of FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, Assistant FAO Representative in Armenia Gayane Nasoyan, Climate Change and Energy Coordinator for Armenia Ruben Sisay, Forestry Officer Norbert Winkler and International Consultant Trevor Self.

Additionally, RA Deputy Minister Khachik Hakobyan, UNDP Climate Change Program Coordinator Diana Harutyunyan, heads of the RA MNP corresponding subdivisions were engaged. Issues related to building on the cooperation with Green Climate Fund (GCF) were considered. Greeting the guests, RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan presented ecosystem policy approaches in harmony with the targets for socio-economic development, ''Green Economy'', returned to the priorities in nature protection, where the partnership alongside the UN Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations will be productive and up to the marked.

The Minister stressed the reforestation issue, notifying, that by the RA President's and Premier’s directives there are envisaged reforms in environmental field, whereas it requires considerable efforts as well as international public assistance. Touching upon the concerns, Artsvik Minasyan emphasized the lack of the integrated system for forest inventory, management planning, weak performance of control and supervision systems and the essential of improving environmental impact expertise and monitoring status.

Artsvik Minasyan also set great store on eco-education and upbringing affair as an elaborate solution to the problems. ''We need pivotal changes and complete project fulfilment in nature protection sector'': RA Minister noted, focusing attention on ecosystem-based measures. FAO delegates expressed thanks for the meeting and detailed consultation over environmental sphere issues, thus presenting their position as well as technical capabilities, which may be delivered while discussing the concept of Green Climate Fund and preparing a project proposal. At the end of the meeting the parties once again signified the implementation of collective work and scaling up the partnership; the latter will be realized by developing partnership document.