All territorial subdivisions of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection Staff accomplished cleaning works within “Clean Armenia” program scopes


Cleaning and rehabilitation activities were conducted in specially protected areas of nature /SPAs/ under the RA Ministry of Nature Protection, the areas of adjacent communities, including the RA regions. The employees of SPAs as well as MNP Staff territorial subdivisions participated in the nationwide clean-up day.

The workers of “Sevan NP” collected garbage in three public beaches, reserves, sanctuaries, recreation and economic zones of the park.

There were realized clean-up activities in “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex SNCO: “Plane Grove” sanctuary, the waterfall of “Shikahogh” state reserve and Medieval Bridge, in the vicinity of the visitor centre, Boghakar sanctuary of “Areviq” national park, Nyurk well and Shvanidzor community, ''New Astghaberd'' district of ''Zangezur'' sanctuary.

''Lake Arpi'' national park employees executed cleaning actions within the administrative office area, border areas passing through Zorakert, Berdashen, Tsaghkut villages and Lake Arpi.

“Khosrov'', ''Khachadzor'', ''Garni'', ''Kaqavaberd'' districts, ''Khor Virap'' state sanctuary, ''Goravan sands'' state sanctuary of ''Khosrov Forest'' state reserve were cleaned.

The officers of the educational centre fulfilled cleaning on the road to ''Zikatar'' state sanctuary from Koghb village, RA Tavoush Region as well as lakeside areas.

''Dilijan'' National Park Staff carried out clean-ups of the pavilions alongside the road to Hagharcin monastery complex, pavilions of adjacent areas to the road towards Jukhtak monasteries, Dilijan-Jukhtak monasteries-Shamakyan ecotouristic route.

Cleaning works were done in “Jrvezh” forest park, “Erebuni” state reserve subordinate to “Reserve Park Complex” SNCO, “Sojut”, “Ijevan” /Stepanavan / and “Soranner” /Berd/ arboretums.

In addition, workers of regional subdivisions of the State Environmental Inspectorate joined the nationwide clean-up day.