The congratulation message of the Minister of Nature Protection on the occasion of World Environment Day


The world population decided on the theme for World Environment Day 2017: “Connecting People to Nature”. It focuses the public attention to the global challenges. Today human activities cause extensive concerns and a question naturally arises: whether a man is against nature or along with it. Living in harmony with nature will ensure sustainable growth and survival of the nations.

The issue is also remarkably for both our state and nation. We face the problem to preserve and to pass properly the unique fauna and flora of our historic cradle to our coming generations. The perception of which must be in force in all spheres of our activities, projects and undertakings. Economy should not develop overexploiting natural resources, moreover we should regard nature as a protected value and base.

It is impossible to address these and other environmental problems only by dint of state management mechanism. Conservation of our fatherland must be everyone’s mission: it refers to the young child, state officer, adult citizen, entrepreneur engaged in business using natural resources. Nature Protection ought to become a way of life.

The idea of environmental protection must have its significant place among the core values of our nation, as it is one of the stable pillars of the development of Armenian statehood, thus requiring everyone's relevant approach.

Each year joining the worldwide celebration of World Environment Day, we must multiply our efforts and make  the day theme real in regular activities and each step.

Guided by the theme, I call for our citizens’ as well as stakeholders' joint steps in conserving our fatherland and realization of the foremost mission to pass environment ensuring sustainable growth to the coming generations.

RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan