A memorandum of partnership between the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and “Armenian Mountaineering Company-Armenia” NGO


A memorandum of partnership was signed between the RA Ministry of Nature Protection “Armenian Mountaineering Company-Armenia” NGO. RA Deputy Minister of Nature Protection and Chairman of “Armenian Mountaineering Company-Armenia” NGO Gevorg Gasparyan signed the memorandum in “Karahunj” cultural complex, RA Syunik Region.

The memorandum is aimed at promoting and streamlining problems related to ecotourism, complying improvement and protection of tourism infrastructures with international standards, as well as setting information boards by the latter.

The parties agreed to have continued cooperation, conduct ecotouristic, bike trail repairs (tourism route marking according to international standards), provision of information on marked routes in specially protected areas of nature as well as circulate exact information among tourism organizations over the above mentioned and a number of other issues.