''Mshkavank'' school of forestry will be the first to be established in Armenia


On June 15-17 a workshop was held within the frameworks of UNDP/GEF ''Mainstreaming Sustainable Land and Forest Management in Mountain Landscapes of North-Eastern Armenia'' project in “Zikatar” environmental centre” SNCO of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection; in attendence were representatives of state departments, international and non-governmental organizations, heads of interested communities, the journalists covering nature protection sector.

Project experts submitted enviornmental essentials of ongoing actions.

Project Review Manager on Forest Managment Planning Andranik Ghulijanyan presented the measures related to establishing '' Mshkavank'' school forestry adjacent to Koghb community, RA Tavoush Region and intergreation of the latter and other protected areas into developing managment plans. The managment of the first school of forestry set up in Armenia will be handed to the schoolchildren of nearby communities; they will not only be engaged in forest managment and protection, which includs ecoeducational component, but also they will sell forest products and fruits to address the main problems of schools and socially insecure pupils.

RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan had a participation in a round table consultation over “Management issues of forests and specially protected areas of nature”. The Minister responded to questions of NGOs, journalists and experts, illustrated environmental reforms and policy guidelines.

Artsvik Minasyan toured the area of “Zikatar” environmental centre”, got acquainted with forest conservation measures, as well as accomplished works directed to build up ecotouristic infrastructures.

In addition, the RA Ministry of Nature Protection conducted a visit to Koghb Art School, got familiar with the pupils' works, which were on the whole dedicated to Father Nature.