There were composed reports on illegal fishing, while executing conservation measures in specially protected areas of nature


Conservation measures are in progress in specially protected areas of nature under the RA Ministry of Nature Protection by the envisaged procedures.

The preservation unit of “Sevan” national park SNCO composed 9 reports on violations of norms on illegal fishing. The similar division confiscated 13 polyethylene fishing nets, 213 whitefishes and 105 crayfish; 91 fish was handed to Sevan N3 “Hekiat” kindergarten SNCO, 47 fish was handed to “Vardenis Neuropsychological Boarding House” SNCO, 42 fish was handed to Sevan Psychiatric Hospital CJSC and 33 fish was handed to Martuni N4 kindergarten SNCO.

The confiscated crayfish was released back to Lake Sevan.

Twenty-four-hour duties and well-ordered visits are realized in specially protected areas of nature of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex and “Khosrov Forest” state reserve.

The workers of the scientific division of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex conducted inspections in “Shikahogh” state reserve branch, during which the European roe deer, the European wildcat, badger and jackal were met. Besides, in the course of inspections there were detected traces of the Caucasian brown bear, the European roe deer, wolf, fox, badger, the European wildcat and the European lynx. Favourable weather conditions and food conduced to animal natural reproduction. Similar development is observed at approximately all bird species: great spotted woodpecker, forest magpie, song thrush, mistle thrush, black thrush, common chaffinch, the European robin, stock dove and so on.

The employees of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve of the RA MNP accomplished twenty- four-hour duties and visits in “Khosrov Forest” state reserve, “Khosrov” and “Goravan sands” state sanctuaries in order to implement established activities properly.

The scientific unit of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve brings about researches addressed to maintaining gene pool of the flora and fauna of the state reserve and sanctuaries and surveying their ecosystems.

Meanwhile, “Khosrov Forest” state reserve in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund /WWF/ proceed with doing seasonal migration and registration of the fauna via video and camera traps.