On July 1 the official opening of 11 public beaches in Lake Sevan will take place


On June 29, RA Deputy Chief of Staff of the RA Minister of Nature Protection Ashot Avalyan’s press conference on the opening of public beaches took place.

“There are 11 public beaches, 8 of which are the areas provided by the relevant decrees of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, thus “Sevan” national park set apart 3 beaches”: stated A. Avalyan, executive for currently works in public beaches. He added, that 3 public beaches deliver public services and 8 beaches are planned for a short rest.

Next year another public beach delivering services will operate along with the above mentioned beaches.

“Public beaches delivering services include free medical service, children's and sports playgrounds, recreational zones, the providing of beach beds and so on. This year the aformentioned beaches will also be without charge except food. Preparatory work for the opening of public beaches has been accomplished and it envisages the official opening of the public beaches on July 1'': A. Avalyan noted.