Artsvik Minasyan conducted a visit to the RA MNP “Environmental Monitoring and Information Center” SNCO


RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan paid a visit to the RA MNP "Environmental Monitoring and Information Center" SNCO. In accordance with the decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, “Wastes Research Center”, “Hydrogeological Monitoring Center”, “Environmental Impact Monitoring Center”, “Information Analytical Centre” SNCOs were reorganized into ''Environmental Monitoring and Information Center” /EMIC/ SNCO by merging. Acting Director of the Centre Simon Papyan submitted the functions of the centre to the Minister, reflected upon the concerns, which requires labour efficiency to address them.

According to the order (June 27) of RA Minister of Nature Protection on developing environmental state monitoring concept, a working group was set up. Supervisor of Working Group Simon Papyan briefed the Minister, that the development of the concept draft has already been launched and here is envisaged to accomplish it by determined deadline (September 15). Technical and vocational capabilities of the Centre were presented to the Minister. Artsvik Minasyan attached importance to the effectiveness of SNCO, stressed that productive work of integrated monitoring system is one of the crucial functions of the ministry. The Minister came to the necessity of building up entrepreneurial functions, policy making for precise workforce, which may ensure efficient implementation of the Centre functions.

"We need to create a well-organized institution and we ought not to conduct the employees of unified SNCOs to a new Centre inheritably. I state with utmost responsibility not to have any restriction over any cadre not meeting professional skills, as you, the organization and the ministry hold responsible for idle, disorganized worker's negative output, therefore you must execute active human resource policy. Be self-ruling in introducing new young cadres into the system inheritably passed as a result of merging, that may work along with old cadres to obtain experience'': The Minister especially told the Acting Director. In addition, a number of issues related to nature protection were considered. The Chief of the RA MNP Staff Hovhannes Hovhannisyan, Advisor to the Minister Artsrun Pepanyan, top management of EMIC SNCO were engaged in the meeting.