Progressive reforms are envisaged in ‘’Dilijan’’ national park


RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan had a meeting with ‘’Dilijan’’ national park SNCO employees. The Minister introduced newly appointed Director of “Dilijan” National Park Armen Abrahamyan, stressing that new deep-seated approaches are projected; “Every worker must take well-organized actions, as employees’ behavior and attained efforts are of great importance, while combating illegal loggings. Each worker must realize that every tree is forest inheritance for our state, nation and children, thus the park can ensure extensive source of incomes, introducing secondary forest use systems, organizing recreation and rest zones. There will be a focus on ecological values of the national park, whereas bringing about income source thrift”. We must work along with the society, so that they regard forests as income source, not destroying them’’: the Minister stated. A. Abrahamyan, in his welcome remarks, urged “Dilijan NP’’ Staff to perform their functional duties to achieve the required output redirected to “Dilijan” national park, thanks to united labour.