Dismantling works of illegal constructions within the area of “Sevan” national park are in progress


Classifying, dismantling works as well as legalization of illegal constructions exceeding the allowable degree, relevant standards nearby “Sevan” national park of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection within the framework of the RA President’s and Prime Minister’s instructions are ongoing. “Sevan NP” SNCO registered temporary houses of the area, by notifying the holders of illegal buildings about the demolition and withdrawal of the latter.

748 structures of 4729 registered illegal buildings were taken apart during the time of August 1, 2017, including 95 in 2017. In addition, 55 cottages from the area alongside the bank, 9 cottages in the vicinity of the highway, an entire recreation zone (which includes 2 one storey and 1 two storey stone rest houses, a stone barrier of 210m), 27 pavilions with slab foundations were pulled down.

In the course of the aforementioned period there were also taken out 3 area enclosures and a car cover from “Sevan” national park.