Lake Gosh has got back to normal environment


In April, 2017, social networks circulated the news about illegal clean-up works performed in the area alongside the bank of Lake Gosh without relevant permit. The RA Ministry of Nature Protection at once responded to the publications and take the measurements of stopping illegal activities. As a result of the actions effected on the bases of the call, there was discontinued implemented activities of contractor “Vendor” LLC, evaluated fulfilled works and their impacts on environment. Due to the survey, the Forester of the corresponding district of “Dilijan” national park received a reprimand; he had to be briefed of the company doing the start-up of marshland cleaning. Not having positive report of environmental impact assessment, undertaking works in the vicinity of the lake, an administrative sanction was imposed on “Vendor” LLC.

Additionally, the citizens concerned about environmental matters raised the main issue during “Ecotourism Conference, 2017” event held in the American University of Armenia /15.04.2017/, where Artsvik Minasyan along with the activists agreed on holding meetings over the problem at the RA Ministry of Nature Protection. While having a meeting with the latter, the RA Minister of Nature Protection notified, that a few days later, after the rains it will be possible to initiate and complete cleaning works in the areas nearby the lake within a short period of time. It was also informed, that marshland cleanups and restoration activities in the areas adjacent to the shore will be accomplished by the specialists of “Dilijan” national park SNCO, financed by “Vendor” LLC in order to reduce the impact on the lake’s ecosystem, employing a professional approach. RA National Coordinator of Caucasus Nature Fund /CNF/ Arman Vermishyan presented his realized monitoring according to which there was not essentially caused damage to the ecosystem of the lake, thus natural growth of plant species of the lakeside may bear out.

Three days later, after the rains (July), cleaning works of the areas close to Lake Gosh started. Presently, the activities have been realized and the lake has found its natural ecosystem. The whole process of works was supervised by the vocational working group set up by Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan’s directive. The workers of “Dilijan” national park collected the litter of the aforementioned territories within the nationwide clean-up day scopes.