A truck loaded with wood of illegally cut pines hit the District Head’s car of the national park and escaped


During the night of September 6, at 23:00 an unknown citizen hit the state car of “Dilijan” District Head by Gaz-66 truck without license plates in the 10th unit of “Dilijan” district of “Dilijan” national park, which closed the latter’s route, whereas forcing his way, damaged the car and escaped. The car was driven by the worker of the national park, resident of Tsovagyugh community Vahe Gulanyan.

After the incident, as a result of inspection procedures conducted in the 10th unit of “Dilijan” district, there was detected illegal felling of 8 pine and 2 maple trees. Illegal actions caused considerable damage to the property and nature of “Dilijan” national park.

“Dilijan” national park applied to Dilijan Division of Tavoush Department of Police to bring a proceeding.