Announcement for Open Procedure


The text of this announcement is approved by the decision of the open procedure committee
N 2 from 08 october 2014, and is being published according to Article 24 of the Law
"On Procurements" of Republic of Armenia.
The code of the open procedure is “HH-BN-BYCDZB-14/01”

The Client – Тhe Ministery of Nature Protection of the RA, which is located in Yerevan, Republic Square, Government Building 3, announces an open procedure. The winner- participant of the open procedure will be offered to sign a good procurement contract in the defined order (henceforth - Contract) “Ararat valley basin management planning (including Ararat valley water management area and underground water resources)”.

According to the terms of Article 6 of the RA Law “On Procurements”, all entities in spite of the state of their, in spite of being a foreign entity, organization, having no citizenship are permitted to participate in the process of procurement.

The implementation period of the mentioned contract is till the end of the obligations envisaged by the contract starting from the day the contract is signed.

The persons who were announced bankrupt, have overdue debts of social and tax payments of RA, has been convicted of economic activity or public services previous three years by the time of filling the application, except those cases when the conviction has been defined by the law or is cancelled, which are included in the procurement process without the right to participate in the list of participants. The participant must have obligations required by the invitation of the professional activities of contract. Professional experience, technical resources, financial resources, labours resources.

The winner of open procedure is the participant who has submitted low price proposal according to the applications of the participants assessed as satisfactory and with whom the contract is signed.

In order to get the invitation of this procedure is necessary to apply to the client before the 41-th day at 11:00 AM counted from the publication date of this announcement. Moreover, in order to receive a documentary invitation written request should be submitted to the Client. The Client provides the documentary invitation free of charge.

In case of procurements exceeding procurement base unit by fifty times in addition to Armenian the applications may be submitted also in Russian and /or/ in English. The client provides Russian or English invitation in case of presenting a copy of the document issued by the Bank which will certifies that the 250000 (two hundred fifty thousand) ARM dram is being paid. The payment required to exercise to the following account 24124005544200.

When requested to provide an electronic form of the invitation the Client provides electronic provision of the invitation during the following business day after receving the request.

Not receiving an invitation defined by this invitation does not limit the right of the participant to take part in this procedure. The bids must be submitted electronically in the website before the 41-th day at 11:00 AM counted from the publication date of this announcement and the bids must be drawn up in Armenian.

The procurement process will be carried out electronically via website. Bid opening will be held electronically via website at the the 41-th day at 11:00 AM counted from the publication date of this announcement.

All the complaints on open procedure are submitted to “Purchase Support Center” SNCO located in Yerevan, str. Komitas 54/b, according to the provisions of 1st part of the 12-th section of this invitation.

Participants have to submit to the Client all the documentation required by the tender documents of open procedure to evaluate conditions have been met if required.

In order to get additional information on this announcement you can contact Lilit Zohrabyan, the procurement coordinator of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA.
               Tel: 010-51-91-83
               Client - Тhe Ministery of Nature Protection of the RA