Well-established conservation works are accomplished in the area of ''Dilijan'' national park


On January 13, at approximately 17:30, a wildfire broke out in 36 square meters of the 10th forest zone of ''Shamakhyan district'' branch of  “Dilijan” national park SNCO, nearby the forepart of  Vanadzor-Dilijan highway. Forestry workers  of ''Shamakhyan district'' branch and a fire-fighting  detachment of Tavush Regional Rescue Service of RA MES participated in the fire extinguishing operations. The wildfire was rapidly localized and extinguished at about 18:20. The fire covered 800m2. The trees were not damaged, the dry grass was burnt.
During the week the workers of the conservation unit of “Dilijan” national park SNCO detected and composed 3 reports on illegal cutting of 6 trees; the above mentioned reports on violations of norms on forests were sent to Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA where the damage caused to the nature as a result of illegal tree cutting will be calculated.
The residents of ''Dilijan'' national park were provided with firewood (trees damaged by the wind, storm), due to which 51, 0 m3 firewood was realized within a week.