Another step addressed to capacity-building of specially protected areas of nature has been undertaken


  The official opening ceremony of the renovated administrative building of “Jrvezh” forest park, new automatic barriers as well as the ceremony of donating high-class firefighting apparatus to the SNCO was held in “Reserve Park Complex“ SNCO of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA within “The Transboundary Joint Secretariat 3rd Phase” (TJS-III) project scopes of WWF Armenia (World Wildlife Fund).
First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan, Deputy Minister Khachik Hakobyan, Director of WWF Armenia Karen Manvelyan and Levon Gabrielyan, Director of “Reserve Complex Park” SNCO took part in the event.
The renovation of the administrative building and installation of automatic barriers were conducted by “Reserve Complex Park” SNCO in 2017, on account of extra-budgetary expenditures. Automatic controllable barriers exclude forest park employees’ interference with the citizens’ leisure access to a specially protected area of nature and to make use of other recreational services, there is a cash register on the spot; the latter notably reduces corruption risks.  
 Fire truck pumps presented by WWF Armenia can overcome difficult areas and be applied for rescue purposes. In addition, it can be used for irrigation purposes, particularly in the areas that are inaccessible and there are no lack irrigation systems.
Besides, the workers of “Reserve Complex Park” were provided with flame resistant clothing alongside fire trucks and other necessary equipment that will facilitate the preservation of the complex.
 It is the second event of WWF Armenia (World Wildlife Fund) which assists in holding firefighting activities in specially protected areas of nature after wildfires broke out in 2017. WWF Armenia fully renovated the fire engine of "Khosrov Forest" state reserve, as well as provided firefighting apparatus in October, 2017.
WWF Armenia always supports specially protected areas of nature of Armenia to conduct technical upgrading, makes a contribution to enlarging and capacity-building of specially protected areas of nature, organizes trainings, eco-educational lessons and etc.