Mechanisms directed to the implementation of the thesis of Paris agreement was considered during the session of interdepartmental coordination council


The session of interdepartmental coordination council implementing the demands and thesis of the Framework Convention on Climate Change (hereinafter UN FCCC) was held under the chairmanship of RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan.
Kicking off the session and approving the agenda issues, the Minister of Nature Protection attributed importance to the activity of the Council, remarkably in the context of enhanced international support implied for accomplishing measures to arrive at climate change mitigation targets, thus emphasized the active work of our country towards it. “The relevant opportunities relate to nearly all spheres and such representative staff of interdepartmental coordinating council is conditioned by that fact. We need to tap in full the proposed mechanisms with the support to the country in both adaptation to climate change and efficient project fulfillment for mitigation'':  said Artsvik Minasyan.

First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection, UNFCCC National Coordinator Erik Grigoryan made a report on measures taken within the scope of undertakings of the Republic of Armenia under the Paris Agreement and cooperation alongside the EU. The First Deputy Minister notably signified envisaged  mechanisms concerning implementing the thesis of  Paris agreement, framework for capacity building in the country, the establishment of the national system of MRV and the RA document on “Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs)”. The latter stated clearly the measures that the RA Government considers to be priority for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Referring to financing mechanisms for climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation, Grigoryan noted that to the purpose there was signed the grant amount of USD 20 million from the Green Climate Fund globally and the first one in the Eurasian region. The speaker briefed that the initial procedures envisage  capacity-building activities which may be applicable   to the state bodies, in particular that approximately  all the departments have assumed commitments in the context of climate change.
UNDP Climate Change Program Coordinator Diana Harutyunyan presented the outputs of “Armenia's Fourth National Communication to the UNFCCC and Second Biennial Update Report” of UNDP-GEF project.
Asya Muradyan, Head of Department of Protection Policy of Climate Change and Atmosphere of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA reported on the issues regarding the implementation of measures defined by the RA Government N49-8 decree on " Approving the list of performance indicators to be undertaken by the Republic of Armenia followed by a number of international environmental conventions ratified by RA". Meruzhan Galstyan, Director of “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” State Institution of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection introduced the financial mechanisms illustrating the undertakings of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).
An absorbing discussion was led and a number of propositions were considered  at the session.