The mechanisms to back developing countries were considered in the conference convened by the Green Climate Fund


Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan participated in the conference of the GCF National Designated Authorities held in Incheon, the Republic of Korea.
In his speeches made during the conference, the Minister reflected upon the challenges facing Armenia apropos of climate change and emphasized that Armenia occupies the 4th place in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region in terms of climate vulnerability, which is conditioned by the sensitivity of mountainous fragile ecosystem with high impacts of climate change and lack of adaptive capacity.
Armenia in a bid to double the forested areas by 2050. To achieve this objective, it is envisaged to pool financial and partner toolkits, specifically green private investments and an innovative mechanism of climate funding, developed by the Ministry of Nature Protection in the frames of mitigation measures.
Minister Erik Grigoryan had a bilateral meeting with the officers of the Green Climate Fund, in the course of which there were discussed Armenia's membership to the GCF Executive Board, the regional meeting of the Green Climate Fund in Armenia, inclusive of the Minister’s proposal to ensure midterm provision of annual allocations to the countries by the Fund.