Public hearing will be held concerning 0.22 kw power supply of the non-coastal zone of Sevan Peninsula, owned by Artash Grigoryan


In accordance with the RA law on "Environmental Impact Expertise" /21.06.2014 HO-110-N/, as well as the defined order of the GoA (19.11.2014) N1325-N decree on November 14, at 11:30, public review will be held in Sevan community administration, Gegharkunik region, over the evaluation report over environmental impact of “0.22 kw power supply draft of the non-coastal zone of Sevan Peninsula, Gegharkunik Region, owned by Artash Grigoryan”, submitted by “A T M S Solutions” LLC.    
The project documents can be found in the RA “Environmental Impact Expertise Center” SNCO (1/3 Buzand, Yerevan), the RA Ministry of Nature Protection official website (, (tel. 011/22-02-18).