The consistent measures addressed to capacity building of SPAs are in progress


The Ministry of Nature Protection performs consistent measures to bolster capacities of specially protected areas of nature (SPAs).
Solar energy systems have been installed on the roof of the administrative building of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve SNCO, nearby Vedi’s Visitor Centre of “Khosrov” district and the checkpoint of "Khachadzor" district, within the framework of the above mentioned activities, with backing of the Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF). Solar PV-3 power plants having a total capacity of 21,760 kilowatts will produce 34,816 kWh of electricity annually, due to which the SNCO will save electricity costs of 1 566 000 AMD per year; thus this amount will be directed to strengthening of the conservation regime of the state reserve and other purposes. 
The lifespan of these Armenian solar panels set up by “Optimus Energy” corporation is 25 years.
Also, “Lake Arpi” national park was equipped with similar panels in the year of 2018, supported by the Caucasus Nature Fund /CNF/.