Formed water resources must be effectively used for the sake of Armenia


On March 22, the Ministry of Nature Protection and Mission of the United States Agency for International Development in Armenia (USAID/Armenia)  organized the joint event dedicated to World Water Day. The theme of the day, set by the UN, is about focusing public attention on the vital importance of water, sustainable use and maintenance of water resources, as well as making polluted water clean and sound for health and survival.
In his welcoming remarks, Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan stated that Armenia's water resources management strategy is being developed within the policy frameworks, the only solution of which is the reasonable use of water resources of the Republic for the sake of our country. Noting that 4-5 billion cubic meters of 7-8 billion cubic meters of water, formed in Armenia, flows out of our country according to multiple calculations, the Minister deemed fair use of water resources through sound management in conditions of climate change and growing demand primary, inclusive of water quality assurance with the principle of pollution prevention. The Minister of Nature Protection congratulated on the World Water Day and urged all interested organizations and individuals to imply their efforts in addressing existing problems.
USAID/Armenia Mission Director Deborah Grieser noted that the Agency supports the efficient implementation of the Government's adopted policy in environmental protection sphere, and promotes the participation of the public’s wider layers in water resource management. 
Answering journalists' questions, Minister Grigoryan briefed about large-scale measures undertaken towards tackling sectorial bottlenecks, within the framework of which, over the last 6 months the Ministry has detected 280 violations of norms on water resource use conditions, sending them to the law enforcement agencies, while  15 violations of norms were revealed during the previous three years. 
The event took a note of surface and groundwater issues and their effective use; current and perspective programs for the solution were presented, taking into consideration global water crises, when more than 30 countries face water scarcity, over one billion people lack safe drinking water at home and 2.6 billion people lack access to hygienic and sanitary conditions of water use.