The next USD 2.5 million environmental grant was allocated to Armenia


On March 12-15, 2019, the meeting of the UN Adaptation Fund (AF) took place, in the course of which, "Enhancing of Adaptive Capacity of Communities and Ecosystems Adjacent to Specially Protected Areas of Nature of Armenia" grant project costing USD 2.5 million, submitted by "Environmental Project Implementation Unit" SI of the Ministry of Nature Protection, was considered and approved.
The project is focused on implementing complex measures addressed to further enhancing socio-economic, environmental, agricultural,  irrigation water conservation, population’s incomes and knowledge in “Khrotsov Forest'' state reserve and Urcadzor, Dilijan, Fioletovo and Margahovit communities nearby  “Dilijan” national park, enabling to mitigate the anthropogenic pressure on "Khosrov Forest" state reserve and "Dilijan" national park, as well as on the adjacent natural ecosystems.
In October 2018, the Adaptation Fund also  approved "Artik city closed stone pit waste and flood managment" pilot project costing USD 1,43 million.